Circle rugs – In our article today we have prepared for you some pictures of dining ideas for carpets. Regardless of size of your room, a rug can make it more beautiful and comfortable. only thing to think about is to match rest of decor, harmoniously, showing your lifestyle and tastes. Carpets combined with all […]

White Viscose Rugs

Viscose rugs – Rayon and viscose blend carpets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ideal for large carpets and rugs. They tend to cost less than other types of carpet. Viscose rayon, a synthetic fiber mixture, is not intended for high-temperature environments, such as near your fireplace. To keep this kind of carpet […]

Laundry Room Rugs – Carpets and rugs add a touch of warmth to the environment, besides being a decorative element and give comfort to the house. The disadvantage they have is that sometimes cleaning becomes somewhat complicated, so we give you clues on how to clean carpets and keep them in good condition without much […]


Geometric rugs – Conventional geometric carpet weaving fabrics in design that presents an accurate measurement of lines, angles, and curves. Basic colors and shapes to create a kaleidoscope of symmetrical patterns, while the two colors on the basis of solid color may also be used to create simple geometric patterns. While India is credited for […]


Peacock rug – t is as low as oriental rugs and carpets, while purchasing the same art deco relief comes to the market. Weaver, designers, merchants and shoppers alike are trying to cut costs in the production as well as they are excited about the quality to do it. There are plenty of them on […]


Leopard Rug – There are some people who like something that have animals on it. But of course, there are many others who oppose it for one reason or another. As you can imagine, buying a carpet of animals is not something that is right for every homeowner. In addition, you may not want to […]


Fake grass rug – The terrace is a place in the house or apartment that allows us to relax and we part, for a moment, of the daily routine. Most of them are large; however, in some cases are quite tight spaces and they end up being forgotten. Furniture, fixtures and floor are the main […]


Bohemian rugs – A truly Bohemian bedroom is inspired by colorful, extravagant artists and courtesans of 19th century Paris, whose symbol is often Moulin Rouge — 1889-built cabaret in Pigalle area of Paris. colors and textures of a modern bohemian bedroom get their seductive inspiration from famous district. Today word bohemian evokes idea of bringing […]

Themed Area Rugs for Kids

Area rugs for kids – Until a couple of decades ago, the idea of placing a rug on the floor of the children ‘s room, was closely related to that getting out of bed in the mornings, the child put her little feet warm on the cold floor. And, of course, it is not a […]


Beni ourain rug – This will start in the Atlas mountains of Morocco are the carpets. They are influenced by other cultures for those who love design plan is excellent. They also just love to feel smooth and soft vertical rugs for those of you who are a good thing. Beni Ourain carpets first-class luxury […]