Modern area rugs for living room – To bring an elegant impression in the living room of course we can do this in various ways, both in terms of the selection of furniture, decorative lamps, wall paint or by using a floor rug for the living room. On this occasion we will give you a […]


Modern runner rugs – lead way and pay attention turns corridors and staircases. Carpet runners also draw attention to a focal point. They come in a variety of colors and patterns to match any home decor, and can vary greatly in price depending on size of carpet, materials used and way they are made. Persian […]


Mid century modern rugs – Carpets are one of the biggest party accessories that you can take at home. They have multiple depending on where and how put effects. In addition, shapes or colors that have created a type of environment or another. Besides giving new life to your home and dress the most special […]


Modern Shag Rugs – The modern rugs add a touch of authenticity to the decoration of spaces. The carpets have been used for centuries by a large number of civilizations that saw in them a necessary step to make it easier your daily resource. But it is only relatively recently when its use also responds […]


Modern round rugs – are accessory that, it makes bathroom to living room, always look good as a decoration. Its padded surface gives them cozy characters that pervade where are placed, not to mention radical change that occur within spaces. Modern round rugs come in all sizes and colors, so before you choose one, it […]


Modern wool rugs – Modern design is sleek, cool, and spacious with geometric lines and angles. As for the display of contemporary design increases so is the demand for modern home decoration accessories. Modern wool rugs this can add color, texture, interest and the definition of space for your decor. In the past, customers who […]